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The new book from the Elvis Files Erik Lorentzen is an in-depth look at Elvis' fabulous tours of 1957 over 420 pages. EIN has never seen so many glorious photographs of Elvis on tour in 1957 with so many photographs we have previously not seen in such stunning quality and as glorious full-page images.

The wealth of material in this book is stunning. His single day Ottawa appearance with the first fabulous article “The Pelvis Arrives” and continue over forty-two pages of articles and stunning images. There are 10 articles alone from Ottawa’s various newspapers and two interviews with Elvis.


And yet he was there for only one day!

Glittering in an unborn calf skin suit, which was completely covered with 24-karat gold cloth, and 24-karat gold shoes, Elvis seemed to be somewhat groggy as he greeted the record crowd. Assuming his provocative stance, he tilted the microphone, embraced it and began rotating his pelvis.

It is incredible, only twenty-eight Elvis concerts over 400 plus pages and not a jumpsuit in sight!

Source; ElvisInfoNetwork

Greater Than Ever - Elvis Presley A Touch of Gold Lamé


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