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ELVIS in advertising, commercials & GAMES

In 1954, a young guitar player named Elvis Presley started performing at the Hayride and apparently liked the Southern Maid Donuts so much, that he agreed to make a commercial which was broadcasted during the Louisiana Hayride. He made the ad in exchange for a box of hot glazed donuts.

He sang the jingle: “You can get them piping hot after 4 P.M., you can get them piping hot, Southern Maid Donuts hits the spot, you can get them piping hot after 4 P.M.” 


Unfortunately, the commercial was never released.

Southern Maid Donuts..png
Beats by Elvis.jpg
Honda Super Cub Sport C110 - Viva Las Ve
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Honda CA110 Sport 50 Viva Las Vegas-.jpg
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Tampa Bay Times. Sunday, December 30, 19
Detroit Free Press. Tuesday, January 15,
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Hungerford 1956.jpg
Hungerford 1956-1.jpg

Apple unveiled a new 68-sec commercial that promotes Group FaceTime on iPhone. The charming film features different Elvis Presley impersonators all around the world on a Group FaceTime on iPhone singing the song “There’s Always Me” by Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Elvis Presley Game.jpg
The Elvis Presley Game-3.jpg
The Elvis Presley Game-1.jpg
April 5, 1957. Philadelphia Elvis game-1
The Elvis Presley Game-2.jpg
April 5, 1957. Philadelphia Sports Arena

Rare and highly sought after Elvis Presley board game made in 1956 by Teen-Age Games, Inc. The board game was housed in a pink box with a large black-and-white image of a smiling Elvis on the cover.


Not surprisingly, the theme was love and the tag line on the box cover was "A Party Game for the Young at Heart." This example includes original box; colorful board printed with phrases like "Let's Go Steady" and "Can't Do Without You"; suggested retail price of $2.98 and touting "an 8 x 10 photo of Elvis Presley Free in Every Game."


The game set contains everything for an evening of fun centered on love and Elvis—what better combination?

April 5, 1957. Sports Arena, Philadelphia.

Excerpt from The Philadelphia Inquirer:

The Game

Game comes with a game board which has both a Blue Side (Boys) and Pink Side (Girls). Each side has popular Elvis songs listed. There are 110 question cards divided into 40 Love and Etiquette cards, 40 Elvis Presley question cards and 30 penalty cards, 10 miniature records. The game requires you to spin a spinner which determines what color card to chose for your question and then answering the question correctly and moving forward on the board or answering the question incorrectly and moving backwards and then having to incur a penalty. The penalties might require you to "walk like Marilyn Monroe" or give your solution to "How would you cheat on an exam?"

Players wind up going through different areas of the board from "Getting to Know You," "Learning to Like you," "Let’s go Steady," and finally "Get the Preacher." Players wind up pairing up depending on when they finish the board.

Elvis. The Official Graphic Novel by Z2


The Official Graphic Novel by Z2 Comics

Elvis. The Official Graphic Novel by Z2
Elvis. The Official Graphic Novel by Z2
Elvis. The Official Graphic Novel by Z2
Elvis. The Official Graphic Novel by Z2

Billboard 1956

Billboard March 31,1956..jpg
Billboard August 18, 1956. Don't Be Crue
Billboard ad 1956.jpg
Billboard May 19, 1956. I Want You I Nee
Billboard ad Thank You - from Elvis and the Colonel. July 28, 1956.
EPE-Rich Mart Randy. Elvis Presley Jacke
EPE-Rich Mart Randy. Elvis Presley Jacke
EPE-Rich Mart Randy. Elvis Presley Jacke

Elvis Presley Enterprise merchandising: Jacket styled by Rich Mart and manufactured by M.B. Greenfield | Black and white (faded over time) canvas "Randy" sneakers by Randolph Mfg Co.

EPE-sneakers by Randy. 1956.png
Faith Shoe Company sneakers (4).png
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