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Elvis Art by Joe Petruccio

officially licensed artist for E.P.E

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Recognized by CNBC as “one of the best-known celebrity artists in the world,” Joe Petruccio, a classically trained artist, has a unique ability to capture the essence of an individual like no other artist today. By combining his drawing and painting skills, he has created a fascinating and compelling style all his own and has brought the art of portraits to an entirely new level. Perhaps it is Joe’s love of pop culture that has enabled him to capture rock icons, sports heroes and stars of the silver screen so brilliantly, or maybe it’s simply his keen eye and sense of perspective. Ask Joe where the power comes from in his images, and he’ll tell you, “I want to give the viewer of my work the best seat in the house.”


1958 - Born in Brooklyn, NY, and ever since he can remember, Joe just wanted to draw and paint.

1972 - Became friends with famed entertainment and sports artists/cartoonists Bruce Stark and Bill Gallo.

1974 - Made a random phone call to artist LeRoy Neiman which resulted in a face-to-face visit and eventually an apprenticeship and a life-long friendship.

1980 - Graduated from the School of Visual Arts, Manhattan, New York.

1983 - The NY Mets choose Joe’s “racing stripe” design for their new official uniforms.

2003 - Graceland, home of Elvis Presley, names Joe Petruccio as their “Official Artist.”

2004 - The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame selects Joe’s “Memphis Sun” as the official logo for the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Rock 'N Roll marking the anniversary as the date Elvis recorded "That's Alright" on July 5th 1954.

2006 - Sylvester Stallone approves and signs Joe’s line of Rocky fine art in connection with MGM to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Rocky. Sly actually owns the original “Yo Butkus!”

2008 - Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan sign Joe’s artwork produced under license from Upper Deck Authenticated.

2008 - The Hard Rock Theme Park selects Joe’s “Physical Graffiti” piece featuring and approved by Led Zeppelin as the inaugural ticket design.

2009 - Muhammad Ali Enterprises, LLC names Joe Petruccio their approved artist with the world-wide release of “The Greatest.”

2010 - Joe begins creating the NY Mets Journal, NY Jets Journal and NY Knicks Journal, a sketch book commentary on his favorite sports teams, followed by thousands.

2011 - The Wall Street Journal and ESPN feature Joe’s NY Sports Journals.

2012 - Legendary NY Jet Joe Namath approves and signs with Joe. Special limited editions celebrating his remarkable on-field personality.

2013 - Al Pacino signs with Joe to create iconic limited editions commemorating his roles in The Godfather and Scarface.

2014 - LucasFilm Ltd. (Star Wars) licenses Joe to create "Master Yoda” as a limited edition series.

2014 - Derek Jeter signs with Joe to create a very limited edition piece to honor his retirement

2014 - DC Comics approves Joe as a licensed artist to produce a limited edition line of Superhero vs Villain pieces.

2015 - The US Postal Service approves and releases Joe’s Elvis artwork on the official first day cover for the Elvis Forever postage stamp.

2016 thru Today - Joe continues to be commissioned and signed with the "Greatest of our Time" including as of late...Tom Brady, David Prowse (Darth Vader), Floyd Mayweather Jr., Tom Petty, Chris Evans, Tom Holland, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill... In fact, more than 200 celebrities have Joe Petruccio's work as part of their personal collections, including Sylvester Stallone, Roger Daltry, Muhammad Ali, Priscilla Presley, Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods.

"Mr. Petruccio's extraordinary ability to capture the likeness, movement and emotion of Elvis should certainly astound the lifelong Elvis fan as well as those just discovering the King of Rock and Roll.  His work is striking, ambitious and driven, clearly, by the passion for his subjects.  Figures from pop-culture and the sports world are magnificently realized through Mr. Petruccio's unparalleled talent; there is no close second."

Johnny K. (Nebraska, USA)

"I first met Joe during an Elvis Week and was immediately drawn to his artwork.  I found Joe to be very humble and in touch with Elvis fans, as he is a huge fan himself.  I have had the privilege of collecting over 20 pieces of his artwork.  More importantly, I consider Joe and his wife as personal friends. Of all his work, I consider his friendship as the Masterpiece."

Norman B. (Florida, USA)

"Joe’s talent and artistry has been one that my wife and I have been drawn to since the first time we saw his Superman and Batman. Over the years, we have been so fortunate and honored to have several of his pieces including a commissioned piece of our boys. We truly feel artwork speaks for itself and we will continue to be a huge fan of the pieces that depict superheroes and villains. Looking forward to the next..."

Chris B. (Ohio, USA)

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