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Strictly Elvis: 1976-1977 is a follow up book by Keith Alverson and Erik Lorentzen.


Keith Alverson first saw Elvis in concert in the early 70s when he secretly smuggled in his small pocket camera to sneak a few photos of Elvis - and from there he went from strength to strength.


One of his first Elvis' concerts where he was able to get quality photos of Elvis in concert was in Atlanta, July 1973, after which he saw Elvis over 80 times live on stage.


Alverson's outstanding photos of Elvis in his "Phoenix" jumpsuits are known by every Elvis fan. With 1,500 photos this book concentrating on Elvis from 1973-1975 it has to be a real stunner. Even better, the photos have been newly scanned straight from the original negatives.


Source; ElvisInformationNetwork

Strictly Elvis Vol.2 1976-1977 Through The Lens of Keith Alverson (2017)

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