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Bob Pakes' 'The EPE Catalog' presents an A-Z guide, 390 packed pages, with over 1,450 images on every weird and wonderful product that was part of the immensely successful 1956 Elvis Presley merchandise train.

The book contains an unbelievable number of photographs and documents showing how much product EPE tried to flog to the fans. Anyone want an Elvis Presley hot-plate or some mittens!?

The book is an incredible compendium of how teenage America went crazy for Elvis Presley and the clever exploitation of their teenage cravings by one Col. Parker via Hank Saperstein.

Incredibly around 80 different Elvis licensed products in all different colours and sizes were rushed out over this amazingly short period. Elvis badges including everything from ‘I Like Elvis’ to ‘I Hate Elvis’ buttons, and featured over 18 pages of the book, is just one of those 80 products! It is an intense and fascinating story.

Teenagers in the 1950s were the first generation to really have any spending money and Tom Parker wanted to grab his share!

Source; ElvisInformationNetwork


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