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Following on from Elvis’ sublime and energised return-to-splendour years of 1969 and 1970 this volume takes us through 'On Tour' in 1972 to Elvis’ career mega highpoint of Aloha From Hawaii and onto the beginning of the sad decline.

In these three years Elvis performed close to 470 concerts including eight energy-draining seasons at the Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe casinos. And what an astounding selection of sartorial elegance and jumpsuits Elvis wore throughout this period. The book features the ‘Adonis’, ‘Snowflake’, ‘Fireworks’, ‘Blue Wheat’, 'Aztec Star’, ‘Arabian’ and ‘Thunderbird’ jumpsuits to name only a few! The book also features plenty of articles including several by keen fans who met Elvis at that time and provide some lovely personal recollections.


The Elvis Files Vol. 6 contains over 1,500 stunning photos in its 500 pages, with hundreds of newly discovered photos.


No other series of Elvis photo-books comes close.


Source; ElvisInfoNetwork

The Elvis Files book Vol.6 1971-1973


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