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Finally . . . Carlos' book, in collaboration with Robert van Beek, The Airplanes & The King" was sent to the printers today (we write June 22). The bindery will also be ready in a maximum of two weeks from today. I will personally take care of the worldwide shipping of the books with DHL with track and trace.


Our apologies for the long wait, but in the end you will be amazed by the quality of The Airplanes & The King book work and that may ease the suffering a little.


The Elvis Files team wish you a lot of reading pleasure. You can place your order via the link below if you have not yet done so.




A stunning 2-book 800-page project by Erik Lorentzen and Robert van Beek

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But first . . . . these two fabulous books

These two amazing and highly collectible books are scheduled:

The Airplanes & The King by Carlos Varrenti ─ scheduled for week 31!


...And Then There Was Elvis by Elaine Christan (PRINTED right after Carlos' book)


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The Airplanes & The King by Carlos Varrenti (Los Aviones Y El Rey). Never before has this stage in Elvis' life been detailed, till now!

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The Elvis Files is the first and proud to present an insight look into Carlos Varrenti's upcoming book: ELVIS PRESLEY The Airplanes & The King with much detailed and technical information and many-many stunning photos of the aircrafts Elvis traveled on.

Brought to you by KJ Consulting, ─ Carlos Varrenti and Robert van Beek

“The Airplanes & The King”

Elvis' aeronautical journey

by Carlos Varrenti

Trailer - Eng Version

Trailer - Eng Version

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Carlos and Robert teamed up to take a closer look at a never-before-documented side of Elvis and his passion for airplanes. This fascinating storyline runs like a thread through the King’s life and career.

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1955 till 1977 ─ Elvis in Aviation


“As an Aeronautical Engineer, and a huge Elvis Presley fan, I have always wanted to write a book on Planes and the King. Since my first visit to Graceland, back in 2001, I have been extremely intrigued by Elvis' history with his aircraft and his link to aeronautics in general. Observing the imposing flying machines exhibited at Graceland as testimonies to the greatness of the Artist of the Century, led me to think at the time that there was more behind his story. And there is! It was like this that, for several years now, every little detail, every short paragraph in a book, every video, every photograph, every little note or information related to Elvis and his planes, was always marked and kept in my personal archive. After several years of accumulating material, I have decided to entrust myself to this company, putting into words what I was able to compile of my two great passions: Elvis Presley and Aeronautics.”


This humble research work is intended for any fan of the King who wants to learn more about this hidden and enigmatic aeronautical facet of Elvis; as well as, for any aviation lover who is intrigued by the singer's bond with the exciting world of aeronautics.


Ing. Aer. Carlos Varrenti.

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Earlier last year, a childhood dream came true with a Spanish-language book entitled "Los Aviones Y El Rey" by Carlos Varrenti. This fantastic reference book is soon available in English. The original had 198 pages and has grown BIG to a good 400.


Hundreds of pages of information about Elvis and his planes. The book, characterized by many technical details of the planes that Elvis has flown supported by many fascinating stories and anecdotes from Elvis' (fellow) musicians, his inner circle, friends and family. Every single detail you can think of, accompanied with countless photos from 1956 to 1977, you’ll find in this publication.


Many photos have never appeared in print before, a real treat for the collectors. A light-hearted and well-thought over book that will not collect dust in your bookcase ‘cause there is always something interesting to read ─ again.


This topic has never been covered before and is unique in its appearance. Thousands of books have been published about Elvis Presley, the phenomenon, but no one has touched upon the subject of airplanes . . . . until now. A gem that belongs on every self-respecting Presley fan's bookshelf.

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