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The Airplanes & The King by Carlos Varrenti (Los Aviones Y El Rey). Never before has this stage in Elvis' life been detailed, till now!

Front cover 3D 1976. At the airport June 4, 1976 at Forth Worth, TX. PNG.png

The Elvis Files is the first and proud to present an insight look into Carlos Varrenti's upcoming book: ELVIS PRESLEY The Airplanes & The King with much detailed and technical information and many-many stunning photos of the aircrafts Elvis traveled on.

Brought to you by KJ Consulting, ─ Carlos Varrenti and Robert van Beek

“The Airplanes & The King”

Elvis' aeronautical journey

by Carlos Varrenti

Carlos and Robert teamed up to take a closer look at a never-before-documented side of Elvis and his passion for airplanes. This fascinating storyline runs like a thread through the King’s life and career.

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1955 till 1977 ─ Elvis in Aviation


“As an Aeronautical Engineer, and a huge Elvis Presley fan, I have always wanted to write a book on Planes and the King. Since my first visit to Graceland, back in 2001, I have been extremely intrigued by Elvis' history with his aircraft and his link to aeronautics in general. Observing the imposing flying machines exhibited at Graceland as testimonies to the greatness of the Artist of the Century, led me to think at the time that there was more behind his story. And there is! It was like this that, for several years now, every little detail, every short paragraph in a book, every video, every photograph, every little note or information related to Elvis and his planes, was always marked and kept in my personal archive. After several years of accumulating material, I have decided to entrust myself to this company, putting into words what I was able to compile of my two great passions: Elvis Presley and Aeronautics.”


This humble research work is intended for any fan of the King who wants to learn more about this hidden and enigmatic aeronautical facet of Elvis; as well as, for any aviation lover who is intrigued by the singer's bond with the exciting world of aeronautics.


Ing. Aer. Carlos Varrenti December 17, 2020.

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Earlier this year, a childhood dream came true with a Spanish-language book entitled "Los Aviones Y El Rey" by Carlos Varrenti. This fantastic reference book is now available in English. The original had 198 pages and has grown BIG to a good 400.


Hundreds of pages of information about Elvis and his planes. The book, characterized by many technical details of the planes that Elvis has flown supported by many fascinating stories and anecdotes from Elvis' (fellow) musicians, his inner circle, friends and family. Every single detail you can think of, accompanied with countless photos from 1956 to 1977, you’ll find in this publication.


Many photos have never appeared in print before, a real treat for the collectors. A light-hearted and well-thought over book that will not collect dust in your bookcase ‘cause there is always something interesting to read ─ again.


This topic has never been covered before and is unique in its appearance. Thousands of books have been published about Elvis Presley, the phenomenon, but no one has touched upon the subject of airplanes . . . . until now. A gem that belongs on every self-respecting Presley fan's bookshelf.

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Front cover 1976, June. At the airport June 4, 1976 at Forth Worth, TX (2).png
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The book is a guide for every Elvis fan. With hundreds of photos and anecdotes you will be flown into the aviation world of Elvis as you have never experienced it before. An A to Z trip with all the flight dates that Elvis has flown in his 22 year adult career. A complete technical overview of all the aircrafts, personal ones and rented. Take a seat, buckle up and come fly with us. An unforgettable flight through the skies.


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the first 100 copies come with a personal "thank you" card from Carlos Varrenti

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Opening Night, July 31, 1969. Las Vegas International Hotel. Photo folio..png
NBC TV Special the bordello and Gospel sequence June 28, 1968. Photo folio..png
International Hotel Las Vegas season 2. January 26, - February 23, 1970. Photo folio..png
Boston Garden, November 10,  1971. Photo folio..png
Anaheim Convention Center, November 30, 1976. Photo folio.png


OUT NOW (and shipped)!


After the highly acclaimed trilogy EVIS ON TOUR 1972-2022, there are already a number of books waiting to be printed.


TEF team goes a step further. Not 1 softcover with 150 pages of excellent photos, but 5 pieces in large format ─ 25x30 cm. The standard KJ Consulting format in the quality you are used to. Hundreds of unseen photos in superb quality in every book. Printed on high-gloss paper, as always. Here you see an almost complete TV show or concert in pictures.

Always Elvis on our minds . . .


Erik & the ever helpful TEF team

ELVIS; The Gospel & Bordello Sequence NBC TV Special June 28, 1968. The return of Elvis to TV in 1968 with photos that failed the sponsor's approval. Too offensive for puritan America! He helped bring the pop world from illusion to reality. He was the catalyst for making youth pop into a medium alive with sexuality and urgency.

NBC TV Special 1968 flyer.png
NBC TV Special the bordello and Gospel sequence June 28, 1968. Photo folio (1.1).jpg
NBC TV Special 1968 flyer-1.png

ELVIS; Opening Night Las Vegas July 31, 1969. Many fans know this series of photos from the interweb but here you will see previously unpublished shots of Elvis on stage. He performed at the International in a 2,000-seat room and every show was a sell-out. He was a bigger smash than any other high powered Las Vegas attraction.

Opening Night 1969 Las Vegas fold-out.png
Opening Night, July 31, 1969. Las Vegas International Hotel. Photo folio (2.1).jpg
Opening Night 1969 flyer-1.png

ELVIS; Las Vegas Season 2 at The International Hotel in Las Vegas. January 26 ─ February 23, 1970. Elvis on and off stage in super quality.

"I've never seen anything like it," said Emilio, the obviously delighted maitre d' at the International and an 18-year veteran of Vegas showrooms. "The phones ring all day and people begin lining up at 10 a.m. for reservations. It was very exciting. I think anybody would be excited. And there's prestige involved, which gives you a good feeling.

International Hotel 1970 flyer.png
International Hotel Las Vegas season 2. January 26, - February 23, 1970. Photo folio (1.1)
International Hotel 1970 flyer-1.png

ELVIS; One Night in Boston, November 10, 1971. You have never seen such high quality photos before.

Elvis Presley walked on stage. A huge cheer arose from the audience. Here was the King of Rock and Roll. Embodied in this man’s life was the whole story of a musical and cultural revolution. The crowd ate this up. He actually looked like a king.

Boston Garden 1971 flyer.png
Boston Garden, November 10,  1971. Photo folio (2.1).jpg
Boston Garden 1971 flyer-1.png

ELVIS; Anaheim Convention Center, November 30, 1976. Every picture tells a story. Elvis had lost quite a bit of weight for this tour and the photos show this. His mood was good and so were the shows. A lot of interaction with the audience beautifully captured in this book.


All photographs and text accompanied by Elaine Christan. 

Anaheim 1976 flyer.png
Anaheim Convention Center, November 30, 1976. Photo folio (2.1).jpg
Anaheim 1976 flyer-1.png

You can order these magnificent books separately . . . or, get a discount for all five as one order! 5 Superb softcover photo booklets for only €238,- including WW shipping.


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1973 best documentary film.

"My daddy had seen a lot of people who played guitars and stuff and didn't work. So he told me, you should make up your mind about either playing guitar or being an electrician. I never saw a guitar player that was worth a damn."  ─ Elvis Presley, opening lines of Elvis On Tour.

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Publicity On Tour 1972 box set.png

The beautiful 400-page ELVIS PORTRAITS 1953-1977 had just been been shipped to all our loyal customers and wholesale parties when Erik was already working on a new publication behind the scenes. '72 ELVIS ON TOUR . . . ─ A 3-book edition of approximately 1200 pages with double the amount of photos. Many previously unpublished. Who else but Erik Lorentzen, in collaboration with Jerry Luckenbach, can start something like this! Weeks have already passed to put all the possible material in this series of biopsies.


The April, June and November concerts are extensively presented with lots, lots of text to accompany the shows that Elvis performed. 1972 ─ A grueling year for Presley.


Not only the photos with newspaper reports, but also ─ for the first time EVER ─ all the studio, the rehearsals and recordings of this series of concerts from 1972 are discussed in detail with many rare and unseen photos with accompanying text. No other publisher can beat this, never done before. Hard cover, glossy paper, weighs 9 kgs and is for pre-order NOW. Little money for such an extensive publication.


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ON TOUR - HFPA Best Documentary Film 197

Elvis on Tour, Elvis’ final film, shot in 1972 proved to be a critical success by winning the 1973 Golden Globe Award for Best Documentary, making it the only Elvis film to win an award of any kind.


The Hollywood Foreign Press Association presented this award for Best Documentary Film at the 1973 ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. The MGM film was a musical documentary directed by Robert Abel and Pierre Adidge. It provided a behind-the-scenes perspective on Elvis on a 15-city U.S. tour, as well as footage from his legendary live performances.


Erik Lorentzen ─ in collaboration with Jerry Luckenbach (Elvis Summer Festival TTWIwas Vol.1-2-3 / 4-5) has been able to get his hands on more than 1000 unseen and unpublished photos from the 1972 April, June and November tours.


Unique in this 1200 page edition is that for the first time the complete and very extensive information of all shows and sessions (live / studio / masters / dubs and overdubs) Tons of  newspaper  reviews from every performance is described and documented. Dates, times, places, producers, musicians, footnotes . . . etc, the list is miles long. We promise a COMPLETE historical film ─ audiobiography presented in a DeLuxe 3-book edition.


As 2022 “On Tour” marks its 50th anniversary:

we celebrate ELVIS ON TOUR 1972-2022 this Summer. A very well researched and groundbraking publication by Erik Lorentzen and Jerry Luckenbach ─ ELVIS ON TOUR 1972-2022 is the first and only monumental reference work for decades. A 3-book publication, over 1200 pages with more than 1000 unseen photos. This is Elvis extravaganza.

On Tour logo transparent white letters.p

by Lorentzen / Luckenbach

Eagles Nest Memphis,Tn. Aug.,-Sept., 1954 (1).jpg

  Some people tap their feet . . ,

           Some people snap their fingers . . ,

                    and some people sway back and forth . . .


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On the brink of becoming an artistic phenomenon:

Elvis Presley

On July 5, 1954, Elvis Presley, chock full of nerves and not exactly sure of what would transpire, ventured inside Sun Studio for his first official recording session with producer Sam Phillips, guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black.

After trying various songs with middling results, Phillips was ready to end the session, but Presley serendipitously began playing Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup’s “That’s All Right” on his acoustic guitar, fusing the bluesy number into a heretofore unexplored musical genre that ultimately became rock ’n’ roll.

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Elvis Presley, center, arrives at the state Capitol in his Rolls Royce from Memphis March 8, 1961. Elvis is visiting after a invitation from the Shelby County state delegation. The Tennessean staff photographer Jack Corn, left, follows the singing star.​​


34 photos that knock your socks off.


ELVIS through the years

CBS Eye logo ad December 1951.jpg

Elvis Gyrates on The Ed Sullivan Show

Experienced showmen such as Ed Sullivan weren't sure the world was ready for such wild moves as the slick Elvis Presley was offering, but when Elvis proved too popular not to book, Sullivan scheduled him. Elvis made his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on September 9, 1956.

Ed Sullivan dress rehearsal September 9,
Ed Sullivan


Elvis Presley had already appeared on other national television shows (such as on Stage Show, The Milton Berle Show, and on the popular The Steve Allen Show) when Ed Sullivan booked Elvis for three shows. Elvis' pelvic gyrations during his appearances on these other shows had caused much discussion and concern about the suitability of airing such provocative and sensual movements on television.

Although at first Ed Sullivan said he would never want Elvis on his show, Sullivan changed his mind when The Steve Allen Show with Elvis as a guest had about twice as many viewers as Sullivan's show that night (they were competing for the same audience since they were in the same time slot).

After negotiating with Elvis' manager, Ed Sullivan paid Elvis the huge sum of $50,000 for appearing on three of his shows: September 9, 1956, October 28, 1956, and then on January 6, 1957.

Ed Sullivan - Ready Teddy - dress rehear
Elvis Presley during his second appearan
January 6, 1957 TV show.


For Elvis' first appearance on The Ed Sulliva