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​We've received a lot of requests in order to sell some of our highly sort after original photos as seen printed in our magazines and books. We've come this far to offer ─ to the delight of many fans ─ a premium choice of selected 8 by 10 or 8 by 8 inch pictures ─ from the original negatives.


​Printed on premium paper and wrapped in a printed paper sleeve. Suitable for framing.


​Set#01 - Nine photos from Portland, Oregon. Arrival at Union station and the press conference at Multnomah Athletic Club on September 2, 1957.


Set#02 - Nine photos from the actual concert at Multnomah Stadium. Sept. 2, 1957.


Set#03 - Nine photos from "If I Can Dream" NBC TV Special.


Set#04 - Nine photos from "Memories" NBC TV Special.


Set#05 - Nine photos from Toronto, Canada at Maple Leaf Gardens, April 2, 1957.

€45.- set


Set#06 - Eighteen photos from "Elvis Summer Festival - TTWII." Volume 1-2-3 '70.

€90.- set


Set#07 - Twelve photos from Fort Homer Hesterly Armory in Tampa, Fl., August 5, '56.

€60.- set


Prices are including world-wide shipping . . . send email or order directly with paypal or creditcard

Nine photos from Toronto, Canada at Maple Leaf Gardens. April 2, 1957.

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